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  • Low NOx emissions
  • High transient and block load capabilities
  • Full duty cycle capability from standby to continuous power
  • Low energy fuel capability (Waste Treatment & Bio Gas)
  • Electronically controlled high efficiency engines
  • Natural Gas Engines i.e PNG, CNG to be used as fuel
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Compact design
  • CPCB-II Compliant

250 kVA Gas Genset Technical Data

DG Set Model PW250GG
DG Set Rating   250 KVA
Application   Prime Power, Continuous duty
Fuel   Natural Gas
Rated Current   347 Amps
RPM   1500
Genset Size (LxWxH) mm 5000 x 1800 x 2200
Engine Model WP12D264E300NG
Bore Diameter/Stroke mm 126×155
Number of Cylinders 6
Number of Valves 12
Displacement (L) 11.596
Gas system Single Point Injection
Mixed mode Electronic Control before Turbocharged mixture
Engine Rated Power (kW) 240
Engine Standby Power (kW) 264
Compression Ratio 11.6:1
Emission standard CPCB II
Aspiration Turbocharged and After cooled
Load factor Power kW Gas consum. g/kW.h
25% 60 254.9
50% 120 212.1
75% 180 198.8
100% 240 191.2
110% 264 189.5
Gas type 12T NG
Oil type 15W/40 CH-4
Turbocharge inlet Temperature(℃) 39.5
Pressure(kPa) 100.4
Humidity(%) 54.90%
Exhaust back pressure 7.5
Air intake system
Air mass flow) kg/h Rated Power 1082
Standby Power 1190
Gas system
Gas quantity (kg/h) Rated Power 46
Standby Power 50
Inter cooling system
Intercooler heat dissipating capacity(kJ/s) Rated Power 37.37
Standby Power 43.66
Type of cooling Radiator Cooled
Gas engine noise dB(A) As per CPCB Norms
Exhaust system
Exhaust-gas mass flow (kg/h Rated Power 1127
Standby Power 1240
Exhaust temperature (℃) Rated Power 498
Standby Power 486
Make Leroy Somer/ Meccalte
Rated Volt 415 V
Voltage Regulation (+/-)1%
Class of Insulation Class H
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Factor 0.8
Enclosure IP23
Cooling IC01
Excitation Type Self excited and self regulated Brushless
Overload Capacity 10% for 1 Hr in 12 Hrs operation
Manual Control Panel
MCCB 400 Amps MCCB
Digital display Speed, Lube oil pressure (Trip), Coolant Temperature (Trip),Voltage, Current, KW, KWH, PF, KVA, Frequency


  • Product development is continuous process, hence data can be changed any time without prior notice.
  • GG Rating in accordance of ISO 8528, ISO 3046/1, BS 5514, DIN 6271 for Prime rated Generator.
  • Fuel consumption tolerance applicable +5%.