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Cat® Oil is specially developed to maximize component life by resisting oxidation, preventing buildup, and maintaining proper viscosity. Each type of oil undergoes extensive testing processes to demonstrate long service life. Oil drain intervals may be extended with the Cat S•O•Ssm Services, Oil Analysis Program and Cat Filters.

Cat Grease is designed specifically to protect and extend life of Cat Equipment in the most rigorous applications. The unique calcium sulfonate.

Complex thickener in Cat premium greases provides superior protection for the most severe environments on Earth.

Specification Shell Recommendation
15 W 40 Engine Oil/td> Rimula R4 15 W 40 CI4 Plus
SAE 30 Transmission Oil Spirax S4 CX 30
ISO VG 68 Hydraulic Oil Tellus S2 VX 68
80 W 90 Gear Oil for Final Drive Spirax S2G 80 W 90
CAT TDTO 50 For Dozer Final Drive Spirax S2 A 85 W 140
CAT SAE 50 for Grader Tandem Drive Spirax S4 CX 50