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Undercarriage & GET

The right solution for your mining application

We produce undercarriages for mining, construction, forestry and agricultural machinery. Together with our customers, we create long-lasting solutions by combining know-how in design, forging, heat treatment, machining and assembling. With our automotive competencies, we optimize and standardize our global production network to fulfill our customers’ needs, offering the best value for money invested.

Undercarriage & GETComponents

  • Track chains, standard & heavy duty
  • Track shoes including forged for heavy duty applications
  • Rollers, standard & “all weather”
  • Idlers. Fabricated & forged
  • Sprockets & segments, cast & forged

Our Products Landscape

Track Chains

We places great emphasis on quality in the production of its track chains.

No matter what size, or in which vehicle they are used, heavy-duty chains, greased chains and oil-lubricated chains have to be especially robust, durable and easy to maintain because they are most often used where the ground is uneven, rocky and loose.

Supply Range

  • Heavy-duty chains with extremely wear-resistant components
  • For bulldozers and tracked loaders
  • Available for XR, XL and LGP undercarriages


Rollers are designed and manufactured for long service life, resulting in low hourly operating costs. Through-hardened or surface-hardened roll shell bodies increase wear resistance and ensure high structural strength and resistance to deformation. The seals guarantee permanent lubrification for optimum durability.

Supply Range

  • More than 1,500 different rollers for all types of equipment and applications
  • For tracked vehicles weighing 1 to 330 tons
  • Single-flange,double-flange and inner flange rollers
  • Versions for extremely cold temperatures (-50°C/-58°F) available
  • Quality components for rollers including hubs, collars, bimetal bushings, shaft, and high performance seals


We also place great emphasis on wear resistance for idlers. No matter whether cast, forged or welded, our idlers offers improved structural strength and optimum tracking. Our “lifetime” seals ensure permanent lubrication, thus reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Supply Range

  • Cast, forged and welded versions
  • Versions for extremely cold temperatures (-50°C/-58°F) available
  • More than 500 different dimensions
  • More than 500 different dimensions

Track Shoes

We offer track shoes for bulldozers with chain pitches of up to 317.5 mm and track shoes for large excavators with chain pitches of up to 350 mm.

Extreme applications, such as those often required in the mining industry, require specially forged track shoes. They need high bending strength, breaking strength, maximum wear resistance and toughness to guarantee long service life. For this reason, track shoes are through-hardened and stress-free annealed.

We offer track shoes for bulldozers with chain pitches of up to 317.5 mm and track shoes for large excavators with chain pitches of up to 350 mm.

Supply Range

  • Over 70 different sections with 1, 2 and 3 grousers
  • Large selection of track shoe designs: different lengths, mounting surfaces, angular and tapered grousers, etc.
  • Special shoes: swamp shoes, flat shoes
  • Forged track shoes for special applications: e.g. mining

Drive Sprockets

Every year we produce over 140,000 drive sprockets and segment groups, with a total weight of over 10,000 tons. Both cast and drop-forged sprockets are produced via induction inducted over the full tooth profile. Then they are machined on vertical lathes and drilled in special machining centers. All of this is done to extend service life and keep maintenance effort and expense low.

Supply Range

  • Drive sprockets, sprocket rims and segment groups
  • More than 600 different designs available for all chains and applications
  • For tracked vehicles weighing 1 to 330 tons

Undercarriage System

In addition to the production of individual undercarriage components, we offer our customers fully assembled, ready-to-install undercarriage systems for all tracked construction machinery. The product spectrum extends from the smallest track units for mini-excavators to undercarriages for rock drilling machines and bucket excavators. For special applications, we develop solutions, together with our customers that are optimized and tailor-made for their respective needs.


  • Ready-to-install
  • Customized solutions