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Industries we Serve

  • Infrastructure


    Alternative Power is a basic facility among buildings, roads & power supplies, for a society or enterprise

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Properties for residential and commercial purposes require Alternative Power supplies.

  • IT & ITES

    IT & ITES

    Information Technology can only speed up their processes and Alternative Power is a must have to avoid risk

  • General Engineering

    General Engineering

    Root to every industry needs alternative power

  • Mining


    Execution and Safety both deserve alternative power to succeed

  • Process Industries

    Process Industries

    It has to reach end users on time, and alternative power is a must have

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

    Extraction can only be complete, not half done without alternative power

  • Banks


    Money being the only exchange, alternative power can only make it a continuous flow

  • Hospitals and Clinics

    Hospitals and Clinics

    Like alternative drugs for saving lives, alternative power is also a must for emergencies

  • Shopping Mall and Commercial

    Shopping Mall and Commercial

    Shopping for essentials, wouldn’t come to a halt with alternative power

  • Educational Institutions

    Educational Institutions

    Gone are those days of scoring lesser marks due to power shortage

  • Agro Industries

    Agro Industries

    Agriculture industry needs alternative power to reach the market

  • Ports


    Loading and unloading should be on time to reach end users properly

  • Railways


    Engines require alternative power supply to reach destination on time

  • Defence


    Alternative Power is its only source