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  1. Made for the future, In action today
  2. Reliable power - anywhere, any hour
  3. Less diesel, more kVA
  4. Compact, yet robust
  1. Exceptional step load handling
  2. Engineered for maximum uptime
  3. Immediate parts availabilit
  1. The Power House

    • In-house packaging
    • In-house design & manufacturing of Control Panel
    • Acoustic Canopy, Base Frame, Silencers and Fuel Tank
    • Powder coating with 9-Tank pre-treatment process
    • In-house test cell
    • Manufactured for ease of servicing & usage
  2. The Engine

    • Versatile 9 litre inline engine - sourced from Scania, a Volkswagen family company
    • Made for the future, in action today
    • Reliable power, anywhere - any hour
    • Engineered for maximum uptime
    • Less diesel, More kVA
    • Exceptional step load handling capability
  3. The AC Generators

    • Provided with AREP winding / PMG
    • LAM for sudden block loading, improved recovery time
  4. Diagnostic & Monitoring

    • Monitors Engine speed, oil pressure & coolant temperature
    • Monitors frequency, voltage, current & power
    • Comprehensive engine and alternator protection
    • Inbuilt Auto-Mains (Utility), failure control module
    • Largest backlit LCD icon display, with alarm indication
  5. The Acoustic Enclosures

    • Modular RTU Design
    • Inbuilt fuel tank duly piped and control panel duly wired
    • Twin door system leading to better access to the DG Set, resulting in easy maintenance and maximum uptime
    • Special access for radiator cleaning
    • Powder coated for weather proof and long lasting finish

Diesel Generator Set

Model P 250 DC09 P 320 DC09
Power rating kVA / kWe 250 / 200 320 / 256
Power Factor 0.8 lagging
Output Voltage Volts 415
Output Frequency Hz 50
No. of phases 3
Full load Current Ampere 348 445
RPM 1500
Overall Dimensions of the genset (l x w x h) mm 5000 x 1800 x 2200
Approximate Weight kg 5200 5600
Acoustic Canopy 6 sided, container type, Bottom Lifting, made out of 100 mm steel CRCA sheets, rockwool insulated with residential silencer and specially designed for increased service accessabilty.

Diesel Engine

Model DC09 071A 226 DC09 071A 289
No. of Cylinders Qty 5
Gross Engine bhp hp 307.1 392.7
No. of Stroke 4 Stroke
Bore mm 130
Stroke mm 140
Displacement cc 9300
Compression Ratio 16:01
Direction of Rotation from Flywheel end Counter clock wise
Reference Standard REF ISO 8528-5 G2
Governing system Scania engine management system, EMS
Starting Battery Volts Volts 24 V
Engine Cooling System Coolant Capacity Litres 24
Cooling Capacity Including Radiator Litres 38
Coolant topping-up / draining frequency 7200hrs, Only with the use of Scania Genuine Coolant. Draining at 6000 hrs for others. Both within 5years or whichever is earlier
Engine Mounted Radiator Fan Power kW 6
Fuel System Scania Unit Injection, PDE
Filter Type Paper filter element, 10 micron
No. of filters qty 1
Lub Oil system capacity (with filters) lit 36
Lube Oil Consumption at 75% Load 0.04 0.05
Lube Oil Change Period Hours 600hrs with use of Scania LDF-3, otherwise 500hrs with approved Oils
Lub Oil Pressure Guage Parameters can be displayed with required shut off system
Water Temp Guage
Hourmeter cum r.p.m meter

AC Generator

Power rating kVA / kWe 250 / 200 320 / 256
Power Factor 0.8 lagging
No. of phases 3
Output Frequency Hz 50
RPM 1500
Output Voltage Volts 415
Voltage Variation % RV 5%
Full load Current ( Rated) Ampere 348 445
Enclosure IS: 4691 IP 23
Cooling IS: 6362 IC 01
Insulation Class H
Excitation Type Self Exciter and Self regulated Brushless
Volatage regulation +/- 0.5% From no load to full load at lagging power factor of 0.1 to 1.0 & speed drop of less than or equal to 4%
Overload Capacity 1.5 x Rated Full Load Current for 15sec or 1 hr in every 12 hr with 10% overload
Unbalanced Load Permitted 20% (Not exceeding Rated FLC in any phase)

Fuel tank with all internal piping and Standard Control Panel with all internal wiring and cabling provided as a standard scope of supply. For requirement of AMF control panel or synchronisation panels or any special panels, please contact us.

Rating Condition

  • All models are Prime Power rated as per ISO 8528.
  • Ratings are at 415 volt, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 0.8 pf at 1500 rpm.
  • 10% overload for one hour in every 12 hours permitted in accordance with ISO 3046/1, BS 5514, DIN 6271 for prime rated packages.
  • Packages comply to CPCB II exhaust emissions and noise regulations.
  • All specifications and dimensions are for reference purpose and are subject to revisions and improvements.